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UVC Micro - UniFi Video Camera Micro

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About the size of a golf ball, the UniFi Video Camera Micro provides 720p HD resolution at 30 FPS. The UniFi® Video Camera Micro is designed for use indoors. A magnetic base is used for power transfer and 3-axis viewing adjustment. Mount it magnetically on a metal surface, or integrate it seamlessly into any corner, wall, or ceiling. The UniFi Video Micro features Dual-Band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity for streaming HD video. The camera has infrared LEDs with automatic IR cut filter. It is available in 3-pack. • 720p HD, 30 FPS • Built-in Microphone • Wall, Ceiling, or Corner Mount • Dual-Band Wi-Fi Connectivity

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UniFi Video Camera Micro
UniFi Video Camera MicroUniFi Video Camera Micro

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UniFI_Video_DS [PDF, 7.37 MB]
UVC-Micro_QSG [PDF, 2.29 MB]
UVC-Micro_Addendum [PDF, 2.7 MB]

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