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Начало LoRa Helium Network 868 MHz ХЕЛИУМ АНТЕНИ И АКСЕСОАРИ 4 DBI TUNED ANTENNA (EU 868) - McGill Microwave Systems

4 DBI TUNED ANTENNA (EU 868) - McGill Microwave Systems

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This McGill Microwave Systems 4dBi Tuned Antenna is optimized for high performance especially for the Helium Network. It offers higher coverage and increased HNT earnings thanks to its optimization.

The McGill Microwave Systems Antenna is optimized for the UK/EU Helium hotspots in the 868 frequency band. Often antennas are universal for more frequencies, but this results in suboptimal performance.

This antenna operates in the frequency range: 865 – 870 MHz UK/EU 865 UK & Europe, IN 865 India, RU 864 Russia. It has 4dBi gain and vertical polarization.

The antenna offers more than 7% improvement in transmitted power along with a 1.3:1 VSWR performance. It also results in reduced mis-matched loss when compared to many commercially available 2:1 VSWR performance. The antenna offers 58+/-1 degrees (4dBi) signal radiation footprint.

The McGill Microwave Systems Antenna uses N Type Male connector and it is made from fiberglass. It is 520mm high with 20mm in diameter. It weighs 0.8gh and it is rated for winds of up to 126km/h. It is RoHs Compliant and it also offers a mounting bracket, included in the box.



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MM-ANT-NM-868-4dBi-datasheet [PDF, 298.92 KB]

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