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Начало MikroTikБЕЗЖИЧНИ УСТРОЙСТВАMikroTik OmniTIK 5 PoE - RBOmniTikUPA-5HnD

MikroTik OmniTIK 5 PoE - RBOmniTikUPA-5HnD

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OmniTIK 5 PoE is a weatherproof outdoor AP with dual-polarized omni antennas and PoE OUT - the perfect companion for our SXTsq Lite5, or for any other 5GHz 802.11a/n standard device. 

The OmniTIK UPA also features power output on it’s ethernet ports. Ports 2-5 can power other PoE capable devices (like SXTsq 5 HP) with the same voltage as applied to the unit. Less power adapters to worry about! 

Weatherproof, durable and ready to use. It has five 10/100 Ethernet ports, PoE support and a built-in 400mW 802.11a/n wireless radio. It supports Nv2 TDMA technology with up to 200Mbit aggregate throughput. Box contains: OmniTik UPA-5HnD, mounting loops, PoE injector, 24v 2.5A power adapter


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OmniTIK UPA-5HnD - 400mW 802.11a/n wireless radio.
OmniTIK UPA-5HnD - 400mW 802.11a/n wireless radio.OmniTIK UPA-5HnD - 400mW 802.11a/n wireless radio.
Product code RBOmniTikUPA-5HnD
Architecture MIPSBE
CPU AR9344
CPU core count 1
CPU nominal frequency 600 MHz
Dimensions 368x125x55mm
RouterOS license 5
Operating System RouterOS
Size of RAM 128 MB
Storage size 16 MB
Storage type FLASH
MTBF Approximately 100'000 hours at 25C
Tested ambient temperature -40°C to 70°C
Suggested price $99.00


Number of DC inputs 1 (PoE-IN)
Max power consumption 59 W
Max power consumption without attachments 11 W
Cooling type Passive
PoE in Passive PoE
PoE in input Voltage 11-30 V


PoE-out ports Ether2-Ether5
PoE out Passive PoE
Max out per port output (input 18-30 V) 1 A
Max total out (A) 2 A

Wireless specifications

Wireless 5 GHz Max data rate 300 Mbit/s
Wireless 5 GHz number of chains 2
Wireless 5 GHz standards 802.11a/n
Antenna gain dBi for 5 GHz 7.5
Wireless 5 GHz chip model AR9344
Wireless 5 GHz generation Wi-Fi 4


10/100 Ethernet ports 5


Number of USB ports 1
USB Power Reset Yes
USB slot type USB type A
Max USB current (A) 1


PCB temperature monitor Yes
Voltage Monitor Yes
Beeper Yes

Certification & Approvals

Certification CE, FCC, IC, EAC, ROHS

Wireless specifications

5 GHz Transmit (dBm) Receive Sensitivity
6MBit/s 30 -96
54MBit/s 27 -78
MCS0 30 -96
MCS7 26 -75

Included parts

OmniTik_UPA-5HnD_CE_DoC [, 0 B]
OmniTik-UPA-5HnD-qg2-130822143501 [PDF, 578.41 KB]
antennas - omnitik-patterns [PDF, 129.26 KB]
omnitik_201106 [PDF, 569.72 KB]

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