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SuperRange4 Cardbus - Public Safety 4.9GHz Mobility Client

The SuperRange4 Mini-PCI and cardbus products are the first available modular approved radios specifically designed for the 4.9GHz Public Safety market. Capable of very high transmit power and excellent receiver performance, the SR4 significantly extends the range of 4.9GHz networking.

Data sheet: /files/data/pdf/SuperRange4Cardbus_data.pdf|Click here to view product data sheet.
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      The SuperRange4 Cardbus adapter is a hi-performance, hi-power FCC Part90Y certified 4.9GHz client solution specifically designed to work with 4.9GHz mesh networks. In addition to high output power, it features excellent receiver performance, external antenna connectors, advanced mobility functionality and configuration, as well as Cisco CCX 4.0 support with the latest QoS and Security standards.
      In addition to the superior range and radio performance of SR4C, Ubiquiti has developed an enhanced application that has been qualified and tested with systems from Tropos, Skypilot Networks, BelAir Networks, Proxim, Packet Hop and others. The utility is able to scan all 4.9GHz channels, associate at 5/10/20MHz channels widths, and provide performance feedback to the end user. An advanced mobility application allows network administrators to optimize mobility performance based on a variety of thresholds such as signal level, data rate, and AP credentials.

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