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HGO-LTE-Wa handy IoT combo antenna for both LTE and LoRa® frequencies.

No need to buy several antennas for your Internet-of-things setups – just grab the new HGO-LTE-W antenna that can handle an impressive frequency spectrum: 699MHz – 3,8GHz. That’s right – you can use the same antenna for LTE, CAT-M/NB and LoRa® connectivity.

This antenna will transmit whichever signal your modem provides. For example, if you are using our KNOT LR8/LR9 kit, you can use this powerful 1.5 – 4 dBi antenna to communicate with all your 868 MHz devices and then send the data to the cloud via LTE.



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  • Код: HGO-LTE-W
  • Тегло: 0.200 кг
Цена без ДДС: 14.00лв.
Цена с ДДС: 16.80лв.

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Product specifications

Product code HGO-LTE-W
Can be used indoors Yes
Can be used outdoors Yes
Tested ambient temperature -40°C to 70°C
Suggested price $9
Файл Информация
HGO_LTE_W_210943 [PDF, 151.71 KB]
LTEindoorantennadimensions_210949 [PDF, 62.78 KB]

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