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20km SFP+ Set of Optical modules WDM, SM, 1x LC connector, DDM, Cisco compatible - ML-S+3327-20

SFP+ set of two singlemode 10G SFP+ modules with 1 LC connector for link at distance up to 20km. Using 1 optical fiber, Tx/Rx wave length is 1330/1270nm and 1270/1330nm respectively. Modules are "cisco compatible", so compatible with almost all active devices including MikroTik CRS and CCR.

The set includes ML-S+3327-20 with Tx/Rx wave length is 1330/1270nm and ML-S+2733-10 with Tx/Rx wave length is 1270/1330nm.

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Technical parameters

Connectors and Interfaces

Optical Connectors:  (1) LC


Compatibility:  Cisco, MikroTik


Format:  SFP+
For cable type:  Single Mode
Transmission speed:  10 Gbps
Wavelength - Tx/Rx [nm]:  1330 / 1270 and 1270 / 1330
Distance [km]:  20
Transfer type:  WDM

Physical characteristics

Operating temperature [°C]:  -10 up to 70


DDMI - diagnostics:  Yes

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