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HD-CVI stands for High Definition Composite Video Interface. This is a brand new technology in the security camera industry that provides a different method of transmitting video signals over coaxial cables. Until this new technology surfaced, analog CCTV video was limited to 960h video resolution. 960h resolution refers to the 30% increase in horizontal resolution, so the maximum analog resolution up to this point was 960 x 480 pixels. This has been the accepted limit to analog video transmission for many years. In order to achieve greater transmission would mean switching to digital video using either HD-SDI (High Definition Serial Digital Interface) or Network IP video formats.

Enter HD-CVI, a true alternative to Network IP solutions. HD-CVI uses a licensed video transmitter and receiver that is able to transmit up to 1080p video resolution (1920 x 1080) in an uncompressed format over the same standard coaxial cable that is used for standard CCTV cameras. This uncompressed video format is able to transmit over longer distances than either HD-SDI or Network IP cameras and without the latency and bandwidth issues that are so common. Additionally, HD-CVI is able to transmit video, audio and control (OSD or PTZ) over a single coaxial cable instead of requiring separate cables for each transmission.



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S+RJ10 - 6-speed RJ-45 module for up to 10 Gbps

S+RJ10 r2 - 6-speed RJ-45 module for up to 10 Gbps

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LHG 5 - RBLHG-5nD - Mikrotik Integrated Antenna

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SeaMax SA-WR314N

SeaMax SA-WR314N

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1.25G SFP, 1310nm Dual LC connector, up to 20km Single Mode, with DDM

1.25G SFP, 1310nm Dual LC connector, up to 20km Single Mode, with DDM

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