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JH-AF60 Radom cover for AF60 and GBE-LR, 2-pack

JH-AF60 is a radom cover for the AF60-LRAF60  and GBE-LR  from Ubiquiti Networks consists of a front radom and a side collar. Thanks to the covering, the wireless connection withstands harsh weather conditions - especially icing and snow. Thanks to the waste heat of the radio, snow and icing do not stick to the front.

The dimensions of the cover are 420 x 180mm, weight 0.6kg, it is made of UV stable plastic and lacquered aluminum (collar).

Package contains:

  • (2) Radom
  • (2) Side collar
  • (2) Set of mounting material


    Code: JH-AF60
  • Weight: 1.000 Kgs
Price excl. tax: 150.00BGN.
Price inc. tax: 180.00BGN.

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Technical parameters

Physical characteristics

Material:Aluminum, UV stabilized plastic
Weight [g]:600
Depth [mm]:180
Width [mm]:420
Height [mm]:420

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