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RockShield - shielding enclosure for Rocket M

RockShield™ is the rock solid shielding enclosure for UBNT Rocket™ radio. RockShield™ is compact, light and easy to install. Shielded Rocket™ radio can be than clipped to the antenna! With MSRP of 19.90 USD, RockShield™ is a no-brainer choice. Give your network more breath – install RockShield™ with every unshielded Rocket™ Radio!


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User Friendly Shield

RockShield™ was designed to be the most compact and easy to use shielding enclosure on the market. Made of aluminium, RockShield™ wraps around the Rocket™ radio in a minute. LEDs remain visible, access to cables is practical through sliding cover. Slide covers securing thumb screw is captive and gloves-friendly. This shield is designed to be WISP´s best friend.

Clip It To The Antenna

RockShield™ was designed to appear as invisible. It wraps the plastic Rocket™ radio in a minute, allowing the shielded radio to remain compact and increases its weight only marginally. RockShield™ is fully compatible to Ubiquiti Networks™ Rocket™ mounting system – shielded Rocket™ radio can be clipped back to the antenna! This feature makes RockShield™ unbeatable shielding solution on the market.

Disruptively Priced at 19.90 USD

Offering handful of features, the RockShield™ is disruptively priced at MSRP of 19.90,- USD. You don´t need to do advanced maths to understand, that this is a no-brainer option for every single unshielded UBNT Rocket™ Radio – both already installed or new installations. Give your networking budget more breath – install RockShield™ with every unshielded Rocket™ radio!


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Rock solid shielding enclosure for Ubiquiti Networks™ Rocket™ radio. Made of die cast and extruded aluminium. Clippable to Ubiquiti™ Sectors, Omnis and Rocket Dish™ antennas, RF elements antennas and other antennas with compatible radio mounts.

Compatible Devices

Ubiquiti Networks™
UBNT Rocket™ M2, UBNT Rocket™ M3, UBNT Rocket™ M365, UBNT Rocket™ M5, UBNT Rocket™ M900

File Info
RockShieldUserGuide [PDF, 427.51 KB]
RockShield_Datasheet [PDF, 421.27 KB]

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