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24V, 1A Power Adapter with Passive PoE Injector.

Very affordable and very popular 100Mbps passive 24V PoE injector MikroTik OEM HS24-2400 used to power most RouteBOARDs with PoE function. However, it can also be used to power other devices by supporting passive 24V PoE. The PoE injector supplies the device with free pairs of LAN cable 4,5 (+), 7,8 (-) and the total output power is 24W.

   • Output Voltage: 24V
   • Max Output Current: 1A
   • Connector RJ45 LAN
   • Connector RJ45 PoE


Certificate of Compliance


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  • Code: 24POW-POE
  • Weight: 0.200 Kgs
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Technical parameters

Connectors and Interfaces

Ethernet speed [Mbps]:  10/100

Physical characteristics

Operating temperature [°C]:  0 up to 40
Depth [mm]:  30
Width [mm]:  45
Height [mm]:  80


Pin powering:  4,5 (+), 7,8 (-)
The input voltage [V]:  230V AC
Output Power [W]:  24
LED indication:  Yes
PoE Out ports:  1
Output Voltage [V]:  24
Output Current [A]:  1
File Info
cert_3 [PDF, 1.03 MB]
DoC [PDF, 1.25 MB]

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