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Panel integrating 24 passive PoE injectors into a single 19"/1U panel suitable for powering up to sixteen devices. Professional solution for remote powering of many active elements with passive PoE support.

Ethernet ports without power supply (e.g. switch) are connected to RJ45 connectors marked as "DATA" on one side and devices using power supply via Ethernet cable are connected to the opposite side "POWER + DATA". POE-PAN24 is compatible with active elements using pins 4, 5 (+), pins 7, 8 (-). Especially useful for MikroTik and Ubiquiti networks. Power performance can be optimized according to the devices used and their configuration.

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  • Code: POE-PAN24
  • Weight: 0.600 Kgs
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Technical parameters

Connectors and Interfaces

Ethernet speed [Mbps]:     10/100



The input voltage [V]:        12 .. 57V DC

Pin powering:                    4,5 (+), 7,8 (-)

LED indication:                  Yes

PoE Out ports:                   24


Physical characteristics

Rackmount:                          Yes

Shielding:                              Yes

Operating temperature [°C]:  0 up to 40

Weight [kg]:                         0,7

Width [mm]:                         483

Height [mm]:                        45

Depth [mm]:                         25

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