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LigoWave and Mimosa are leaders in bachaul PtP links.





• Programmable Transmit Power - The radio's transmit power level can be programmed up to +29 dBm.

• Programmable Duty Cycle (GPS synchronized frames) - The AF-5XHD allows configuration of asymmetric TX and RX duty cycles. TX ratios include 25%, 33%, 50%, 66.7%, and 75%

• Configurable GPS Synchronization - The AF-5XHD offers configurable support for 2, 2.5, 4, and 5 ms frames. Timing is compatible with all other synchronous systems.

• Split TX and RX Frequency - The radio can operate on different frequencies for TX and RX, allowing great flexibility for interference avoidance.

• Split TX and RX Channel Bandwidth - Support for different channel bandwidths for TX and RX allows users to scale required data capacity more efficiently.

• Adaptive Modulation up to 1024QAM 

• Dual Redundant Gigabit Ethernet Ports with PoE.

• OFDM and OFDMA Support

• Bluetooth Wireless Configuration

• AlignLock™ Antenna Aiming Guard

• Wide Voltage Range, Enhanced Surge Protection

Price excl. tax: 700.00лв.
Price inc. tax: 840.00лв.

LigoPTP RapidFire 5-N - 2 items set

A 5 GHz point-to-point system with exceptional performance that delivers 700+ Mbps throughput. The carrier grade design with a simple and friendly user interface makes RapidFire an ideal device for high capacity and performance demanding links.

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20km Link

6km Link

Price excl. tax: 1,800.00лв.
Price inc. tax: 2,160.00лв.

Mimosa B5

The B5 Backhaul is changing the game. Leveraging 802.11ac, 4x4:4 MIMO and radical engineering for service providers that demand the same capacity, speed and reliability as fiber. With 1.7 Gbps PHY and a unique spin on reliability, the B5 is re-defining gigabit wireless technology. B5 is capable of 1Gbps throughput and has an integrated dual-polarized antenna with 25dBi of gain. Ready to handle the next wave of 5GHz, the B5 is operational from 5150-5850 MHz. The B5 brings with it an entirely new set of features never seen before in the outdoor wireless market. Read our TDMA and Collocation Synchronization whitepaper to learn more about using the B5 in your network.

Price excl. tax: 1,250.00лв.
Price inc. tax: 1,500.00лв.
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Mimosa B5 Lite - Backhaul PtP Link

Introducing the B5-Lite, your next low-cost, high throughput backhaul radio. Using Mimosa’s TDMA protocol and 802.11ac technology, this 2x2:2 radio is a great option for locations that do not require collocation. Capable of 750+ Mbps throughput, this radio can serve less bandwidth hungry areas easily. In a smaller form factor than the B5 and a 20 dBi antenna - the B5-Lite strips away a few advanced B5 features to provide you with an alternative low-cost solution. Take a look at our Mimosa Backhaul Comparison Chart to discover which radio is best for your needs.

Price excl. tax: 790.00лв.
Price inc. tax: 948.00лв.
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Mimosa B5C - Link, 2 items

The Mimosa B5c is the industry’s fastest connectorized unlicensed and public safety connectivity solution, allowing virtually any antenna to be used for long distance Point to Point backhaul. The B5c is ideal for long range relay and tower links and custom engineered collocation.



Price excl. tax: 1,800.00лв.
Price inc. tax: 2,160.00лв.

PROMO - 4pcs AF-5X + AF-MPx8 - MIMO Multiplexer

AF-MPx8 - 8x8 MIMO

Multiplex up to (4) airFiber 5X radios included in the set.

Aggregate Throughput up to 2+ Gbps

Up to 3 Redundant Links

Price excl. tax: 2,300.00лв.
Price inc. tax: 2,760.00лв.

Wireless Wire - RBwAPG-60ad kit - 1Gbit over 60GHz Link

The Wireless Wire is a ground breaking solution which offers fiber speed and quality for a fraction of the price. This amazing kit replaces your Gigabit ethernet cable with two small devices that connect to each other over a 60 GHz wireless link.

Simply point the included devices at one another and power them on, it will make a 1 Gbit full duplex link to instantly replace your cable - this is why we call it the Wireless Wire!

The Wireless Wire makes secure AES encrypted 60 GHz wireless link that is not affected by the crowded WiFi spectrum, offering a stable and fast link for distances of 100 meters or more. The box includes two wAP60G devices that are already paired together, a wall mounting kit, straps for pole mounting and also a pair of table stands for using the devices indoors. The link will even work through most windows, depending on their material.

Price excl. tax: 330.00лв.
Price inc. tax: 396.00лв.
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New Products

S+RJ10 - 6-speed RJ-45 module for up to 10 Gbps

S+RJ10 r2 - 6-speed RJ-45 module for up to 10 Gbps

Price excl. tax: 91.00лв.
Price inc. tax: 109.20лв.
PBE-5AC-ISO-Gen2 - PowerBeam AC Gen2 ISO

PBE-5AC-ISO-Gen2 - PowerBeam AC Gen2 ISO

Price excl. tax: 207.00лв.
Price inc. tax: 248.40лв.
USG-PRO-4 - UniFi Security Gateway Pro

USG-PRO-4 - UniFi Security Gateway Pro

Price excl. tax: 452.00лв.
Price inc. tax: 542.40лв.


hAP AC2 - RBD52G-5HacD2HnD-TC

hAP AC2 - RBD52G-5HacD2HnD-TC

Price excl. tax: 114.00лв.
Price inc. tax: 136.80лв.

LHG 5 - RBLHG-5nD - Mikrotik Integrated Antenna

Price excl. tax: 84.00лв.
Price inc. tax: 100.80лв.
LiteBeam M5, 23dBi

LiteBeam M5 23dBi, LBE-M5-23

Price excl. tax: 75.00лв.
Price inc. tax: 90.00лв.