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OmniTIK bundled with FIVE SXT client devices

We are now offering the OmniTIK bundled with FIVE SXT client devices -for the price of five SXT units, you get a complete kit.

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  • Code: RB-SIX-PACK
  • Weight: 6.000 Kgs
Data sheet: /files/data/pdf/omnitik-sxt-sixpack.pdf|Click here to view product data sheet.
Price excl. tax: 655.00BGN.
Price inc. tax: 786.00BGN.

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OmniTIK is a weatherproof outdoor AP with dual-polarized omni antennas - the perfect companion for the SXT, or for any other 5GHz 802.11a/n standard device. Weatherproof, durable and ready to use. It has five 10/100 Ethernet ports, PoE support and a built-in 400mW 802.11a/n wireless radio. Full RouterOS feature set to control all networking in your tower. SXT is a low cost, high speed 5GHz wireless device. It has a dual chain antenna and supports 802.11n and Nv2 TDMA technology to achieve 200Mbit throughput speed! Complete with a ready to mount enclosure and built-in antenna, this is the perfect CPE! With SXT, connect from up to 5Km to the OmniTIK AP.

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