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Ubiquiti Rackmount Kit for EdgeRouter 4/6P/10X/12 and EdgeSwitch 10X

Rackmount kit ER-RMKIT is designed for Ubiquiti devices sach as EdgeRouter and EdgeSwitch for mounting into 19" rack with 1U position. In the ER-RMKIT is only one position for device.

Price excl. tax: 27.00BGN.
Price inc. tax: 32.40BGN.

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Compatibility list:

  • EdgeRouter 4 - ER-4
  • EdgeRouter 6 - ER-6
  • EdgeRouter 10X - ER-10X
  • EdgeRouter 12 - ES-12
  • EdgeRouter 12P - ES-12P
  • EdgeSwitch 10X - ES-10X
  • EdgeSwitch 10XP - ES-10XP

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