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10G SFP+ Direct Attach Cable, passive, DDM, cisco comp., 1m

10G SFP+ Direct Attach Cable, passive is a fast and cheap solution for easily connecting two 1G or 10Gbps network switches/routers without the need for SFP/SFP+ modules or other accessories (for example optical patch cables).

The high quality Twinax DAC cable comes with universal Cisco compatibility to ensure trouble-free use with most active component manufacturers. DAC connects directly to the SFP/SFP+ slot on the active element and instantly connects up to 10Gbps. The DAC link appears to act as a connection to classical SFP/SFP+ modules. Length 1m, passive technology.

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  • Code: DAC-10G-1m
  • Weight: 0.300 Kgs
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