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OSBRiDGE Evolution 560 - Long Range High Capacity Wireless MiMO Gigabit Ethernet Bridge

The OSBRiDGE EvolutioN 560, a member of OSBRiDGE EvolutioN products family, is a Long Range High Performance 5GHz GigE MiMo outdoor wireless bridge.

Data sheet: /files/data/pdf/OSBRiDGE_EvolutioN_560.pdf|Click here to view product data sheet.
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It is designed to provide secure and reliable point to point operation for Carriers, Internet Service Providers, Business Enterprises and Government organisations.

The OSBRiDGE EvolutioN 560 is capable of operating as w multi-mac ethernetL2bridgetoanotherOSBRiDGE EvolutioN 560, supporting over 240 Mbps TCP/IP Net Throughput at 300 Mbps Raw Datarate. The OSBRiDGE EvolutioN 560 leverages both robust outdoor technologies and Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) modulation with 2Tx2Rx Atheros XSPAN MiMo Technology - with features such as Forward Error Correction coding and OSBRiDGE proprietary MAC protocol eXtensions, the product operates seamlessly and efficiently in challenging and high noise environments providing stable throughput.

OSBRiDGE EvolutioN 560 features:

  • Licence Exempt ETSI and FCC 5 GHz Frequency – eliminates regulatory delays.
  • 11 (ETSI), 4 (United Kingdom), 5 (USA), 236 (Unregulated Countries) non- overlaping channels allows many units to be deployed in the same area. User selectable channel width – 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 5 or 40 MHz for scalable deployment and interference resiliency.
  • Superior interference immunity allow efficient operation in even extremely noisy areas.
  • Over 240 Mbps real TCP/IP speed, up to 300 Mbps raw datarate and over 60.000 packets per second.
  • Built in High Gain Dual Polarized Dish Antenna for ultra long range high speed operation.
  • Next day deployment enables rapid service activation and payback.
  • Cost effective alternative to leased lines.
  • Outstanding software features: bridging, routing, SNMP, VLAN management, WEB Management andhighgradeencryption.
  • Optimal cost / performance ratio: highly cost efficient solution.
  • Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) complies with ETSI EN 301 893 and OFCOM regulations to allow co-existence with Radar systems.
  • Robust metal enclosure and UV protected integrated antenna radome: ensures un- precedented reliability and years of operation.
  • Superior Atheros XSPAN AR9280 powered OFDM radio – enables NLOS (near line of sight) operation in dense urban environments.
  • Non-compromising security - over the air 128 bit key AES encryption.
  • Built-in Software Spectrum Analyzer helps selecting proper channel for best perform- ance.
  • Compact integrated solution – easy to install and operate.

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